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Cub Scout Pack 2102
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Rasor Elementary School

Established: August 27, 1993
Revised: August 13, 1998
Revised: July 08, 1999


For ease in reading these bylaws, the singular shall include the plural and, in reference to adult volunteers the masculine form shall include the feminine.


Pack #2102 was organized in August, 1991 by a group of parents establishing a new charter of the Boy Scouts of America. The intent was to provide an environment where boys in the 1st - 5th grades could build character, skills, and leadership qualities. This Boy oriented organization provides a setting in which to develop mentally, physically, and morally. "DO YOUR BEST" is the central theme in all meetings, activities, and events that provide educational opportunities as well as exciting and fun experiences.

The objective of the Cub Scout Organization is best described by the "Scout Law" and the Cub Scout "Law of the Pack" which states:

Scout Law
A Scout is Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful,
Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, and Reverent.

Law of the Pack
The Cub Scout follows Akela.
The Cub Scout helps the Pack go.
The Pack helps the Cub Scout grow.
The Cub Scout gives goodwill.


The pack is administered by a committee that organizes, plans, and oversees all functions, and activities of the pack. The committee consists of the Charter Organization Representative, Pack Committee Chairperson, Cub Master, Assistant Cubmaster(s), Secretary, Treasurer, Den Leader Coordinators, Advance Chairperson, Fundraising Chairperson, Special Events Coordinators, Tiger Group Coordinator, Den Leader, and Assistant Den Leaders.

The committee will hold regular meetings, which will be posted and announced, to the entire membership and open to all members. Any suggestion or matter of concern may be reported to the Pack Committee by attending the committee meeting or by submitting a suggestion form to any officer. All issues will be discussed openly, voted on, if necessary, and responded to appropriately.

All issues requiring a vote should be brought to the floor in a specific proposal. A proposal will require a two-thirds majority vote by those present to pass. All proposals and voting decisions will be documented in the Pack Committee Minutes and published in the monthly Pack Meeting Program or Pack Newsletters. Minutes will be available for review by any member of the Pack by the following Pack meeting.


The Boy Scouts of America is a nonprofit organization; therefore, Pack 2102, by charter, is also a nonprofit organization. The Pack functions on a self-supporting budget and expects no financial support from the Charter Organization. Records of all financial transactions will be kept by the Pack Treasurer and available for review and/or audit any time.

All Pack activities are to be budgeted and financial responsibilities met. All events and activities must be self-supporting for expense above the established approved budget. Activities will be planned to reflect a reasonable cost for the majority of the general membership.

The Pack will maintain a checking an/or savings account. Authorized signatures on these accounts must include the Cubmaster, Pack Committee Chairperson, Treasurer, or Secretary. Expenditures of less than $35 require the approval of the Treasurer and the Cubmaster, Committee Chairperson, or the Event Coordinator. The Pack Committee must approve non-budgeted expenditures above $34.99. If there are insufficient funds in the pack account to cover the anticipated expense, the expense must be denied. The Pack Committee chairperson will be responsible for reviewing monthly bank statements.


The leadership of the pack is made up of adult volunteers and parental members. All Pack Committee members must complete an Adult Leader Application form and be registered through the National Organization of the Boy Scouts of America. A criminal background check on all registered leaders will be performed to ensure the safety of children in the program. Members already approved by PISD will be exempt from the background check. Fees charged for the criminal background check will be absorbed by the Pack. All registered leaders must make a vow of commitment to uphold the standard of conduct and function within the guidelines, policies, and procedures of the BSA and Pack #2102. Every registered leader MUST hold the Youth Protection certification card.

Job descriptions for all leadership positions are contained in the Pack 2102 Procedures Manual.


The Pack Committee typically meets one week prior to the pack meeting. Location of committee meetings may vary. Exceptions are made to coordinate with holidays and special events. The date of the committee meetings will be published. All Executive Officers and Committee members, including at least one representative from every den, shall attend these meetings.

Pack meetings are typically held near the end of each month at 7:00 PM at Rasor Elementary with exceptions as noted above.


A minimum of two den meetings or activities is required each month. Days and times are determined by individual dens. Each den must have two deep-trained leadership at every meeting and activity. At least one trained leader and one other adult must be present at every meeting or activity. If training is necessary, it must be accomplished within the academic school year. All leaders must watch the Fast Start Training Video before conducting any meetings. Every registered leader must have confirmation of Youth Protection Training.


Cub Scouts are encouraged to attend all Pack and Den meetings and activities. In order to qualify for a perfect attendance award, the Cub Scout must attend six (6) Pack meetings and 85% of den meetings and den and Pack activities. Den leaders are responsible for keeping attendance records for the boys in their dens.


It is expected that each member of the Pack conduct themselves politely and orderly at all times. As members of the Pack, each boy is a representative of the Pack, the Charter Organization, and the Boy Scouts of America as well as himself and his family. Conduct should reflect the guidelines in the Cub Scout Promise, Oath, and Motto, and the Boy Scout Law. Each Scout and his guardian will be required to sign a Code of Conduct Agreement at the beginning of each school year. This Agreement is found in the Pack 2102 Procedures Manual.

Misconduct will not be tolerated. It is the responsibility of the Cubmaster, Committee members, Den Leaders, and Parents to set a proper example of Good Conduct and to notify the scout and his family of any acts of misconduct. Pack Leaders permit positive verbal correction, but disciplinary actions are the responsibility of the parents. Failure of a scout to conduct himself appropriately could lead to cancellation of membership in severe cases. Termination of membership will be decided by a vote of the Pack Committee.


Any boy in the 1st - 5th grades may apply for membership with Pack #2102. The Pack will not discriminate based upon race, religion or creed. Boys who apply for membership will be placed in a Lair, Den, or Patrol appropriate for their age and/or grade level. The Cubmaster, Den Leaders and the Den Leader Coordinators will coordinate placement. A membership application must be completed and returned to the Cubmaster, Pack Committee Chairperson or Den Leader Coordinators with the appropriate fee prior to participation.

Fees for new members will be $40.00. Annual renewal fees are $35.00. For families with more than one scout, all scouts, after the first boy, receive a $5.00 discount. This fee includes fees paid to the Boy Scouts of America, Boys Life magazine, kits for the Pinewood Derby, kits for Raingutter Regatta, insurance, awards, and graduation. Additional costs will be charged according to the Pack schedule of activities. No Scout will be allowed to participate in any den or pack activates or receive any awards until he has paid his annual fees and signed the Pack Code of Conduct Agreement. Den Dues not to exceed five dollars ($5.00) per month are set by the individual den according to meeting schedules. Membership fees for adult leaders will be absorbed by the Pack.

Financial need will not prevent a family from participating in scouting. As needs dictate and funds are available, the Pack Committee may elect to supplement or waive the yearly dues for a Scout who needs financial assistance. The Pack will also provide scholarship funding for any organized Pack activity which shall cover the cost of registration or participation for any member, Cub Scout and/or Adult chaperon. All scholarship requests will be managed in a confidential manner. Requests for scholarships must be directed in writing to the Cubmaster, Pack Committee Chairperson, Pack Treasurer, or Den Leader for review and approval by the Cubmaster, Pack Committee Chairperson and Treasurer.


Pack #2102 encourages each boy to strive for Rank Achievement and personal achievement. As recognition for these efforts, the Pack will present each Scout with patches; pins, belt loops, and letters are they are achieved. All award requirements must be verified by an adult leader and approved by the Den Leader. The Den Leader must turn in all award requests at the Pack Committee Meeting for awards to be presented during that month's Pack meeting.


Tigers - Official orange Tiger Cub T-shirt with solid dark, pants, or jeans.

Cub Scouts - Official Cub Scout shirt (blue) with all required insignia and patches, neckerchief, slide, belt and solid dark shorts, pants or jeans.

Junior Webelos - Official Cub Scout shirt (blue) or Boy Scout shirt (khaki) with all required insignia and patches, Webelos neckerchief and slide, belt, and solid dark shorts, pants, or jeans.

Senior Webelos - Official Cub Scout shirt (blue) or Boy Scout shirt (khaki) with all required insignia and patches, Webelos neckerchief and slide, belt, epaulettes (with khaki Shirt) and solid dark shorts, pants or jeans.

Hats and official socks are optional for all ranks. All boys should be neat in appearance and shirts MUST BE tucked in. Scouts and Leaders must be in FULL DRESS UNIFORM at all Pack functions unless otherwise designated.

Class "B" Uniforms - Scout may wear the official Class "B" T-shirt to any outdoor Scout function. Regular Class "A" uniforms MUST BE WORN to pack meetings unless otherwise specified.

Adult Leaders - Official Boy Scout Shirt with all required patches and dark shorts, skirt, pants or jeans. Neckerchiefs are optional for adult leaders. All registered leaders must wear a uniform. In the event that the adult is coming from work and does not have the time to change into uniform, a business suit or dress slacks/skirt and dress shirt/blouse may be substituted.


Every effort will be made to communicate fully with all members of the Pack. Communications will be made through the calendar, Pack meeting programs, newsletters, and special event flyers. If summer newsletters are used, they will be mailed directly to the members.