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Webelos Outdoor Woods


Friday Oct 25 Sunday Oct 27

Exact times have not been posted.

Directions - Camp James Ray


The following link should take you to the most current information (scroll down to Webelos WOW 5th Graders) click here

What to bring/wear

Class A uniform tan shirt, belt and neckerchief

Camping equipment

Food, snacks & drinks

What to expect

This camp is for Scouts and their adult partner. When you arrive at the camp entrance, you will be paired with other Scouts to make a Den while youre at WOW. Your Den will be assigned a camping area and given a schedule of activities to follow. Youre expected to arrive at the activity area at/before the scheduled time(I state this because there was a Den that was late for every activity and it created grief for the Scouts).


Youre responsible for your food and drinks. The camp provides the equipment and supplies for the activities.


You will not be able to park your vehicle near the campsite. Your Den will have 1 or 2 permits that allow you to shuttle your belongings to/from the campsites. I would encourage you to pack in containers that can be easily loaded, unloaded and secured in case of wind or rain.


There are no electrical connections near your camping area. Im pretty there is no water at your camp. You have to walk/hike to get some.


Dont skip out on the Sunday morning Church service. The setting is pretty cool as was the service.


This fulfils Arrow of Light requirement #5.