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Patrol Meeting – Tennis


Wednesday Oct 30 6:45 – 8:45PM

High Point Tennis courts

East side of Clark High School


Chris Devore

(972) 941-7170

What to bring/wear

Tennis or basketball shoes.  No black, cleated style shoes.

Scout T-shirt (prefer the Pack’s grey camp shirt)

Non-jean shorts


If the weather is cool, bring warmup style pants and jacket.


$19 – to cover the cost of lessons

$3 – Raquet rental unless you bring your own

What’s going to happen

Our Patrol will have two tennis courts and a private instructor for 2 hours.  You will learn how to keep score, hold a raquet, hit and serve a ball.  Depending on the time, everyone should have an opportunity to play a couple games.  These should fulfil the requirements for the Tennis Belt Loop.