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Fall Pack Campout


Saturday Nov 9 Noon – Sunday Nov 10 Noon


Cedar Hill State Park

What to bring/wear

Grey Pack t-shirt or another Cub Scout t-shirt

Camping equipment

Lunch for Saturday, snacks & drinks

What to expect

Den activities will be from Noon until suppertime on Saturday.   We will learn how to use a compass & map(fulfils Arrow of Light requirement #4b).  Depending on the location, we’ll try to do a rope/knot tying activity, possibly make 4 useful items from something other wood (Craftsman #4), make plaster cast of animal tracks(Wildlife Academic Pin).


We have to perform a skit at the Pack Meeting the following Monday.  We should work on it at the Campout.


 This is our last Pack campout, except for the Bassett’s(Stephen will still be a Cub Scout).